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My husband spent a couple of years in Japan, and came back with books of Japanese poetry. I rendered one of my favorites in calligraphy, and decorated it with a colored-pencil drawing of apple blossoms.
"When I saw you,
your hair newly put up,
Under the bough of an apple tree,
I formed a picture of you
as a girl in flowers,
Wearing a flower-comb
above your forehead.
When you reached out
a soft white hand,
And gave me an apple--a fruit of autumn,
Tinged with rose--then I knew
I was deep in love--my first love.

When the sigh I failed to hide
Lightly stirred your hair,
From the cup of love you gently offered
I sipped my fill.

Under the bough of the apple tree
A lane had grown before we knew.
You ask, who was the first to tread it?
A simple question that shakes my heart.

Toson Shimazaki
Meiji Era (1868-1912)"